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PRIMA presents Relics and Artifacts

Hi, it's Jean I am so enjoying our PRIMA month.  It has truly made my creativity spark to life.  

Flowers, papers and YES ~ Sandra Evertson's Relics and Artifacts are among my playthings this month.  

I started with a white relic and started adding stain and color with my Splash Inks.  The composition of the relics allows the inks to slightly absorb, allowing time to rub and move the ink around.

The reverse side before I started adding layers to the front.   Each color added another dimension, I rubbed magenta and then Azure and even mixed some together and rubbed them on.  Then I used the Liquid Delicata for an extra royal touch.

I also adore the Delicata gold ink you have seen me use before, it is from Imagine Crafts.  

The richness of color is astounding as you layer the inks.  With Splash Inks, you make any color you want.   You can add it to a water brush or place it in a spray bottle or simply a bottle or jar to be able to reuse that color again.  With each package, you recei…
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Fall decor with PRIMA!

Yes it is the middle of August!  Summer is not over... and I am seeing Fall and Christmas in the stores.  That got me in the mood to start creating for the upcoming seasons! I LOVE all the Prima flowers here!
Plan at least a couple of nights to create this pumpkin! Supplies: Old book Prima Flowers Cutting tools Craft Knife Kai Scissors Tacky Glue Ink Orange Choose a paper back to cut... preferably one you have already read!!!  This book is 650 pages and took a lot longer to cut than I expected.Remove the front and back cover.

Use the cover the create a template to use when cutting the book.  Gently with the craft knife cut through a few pages at a time.  Use the Kai Scissors to snip into the corners when they won't release from the book binding.
Ink the edges of the pages with orange Ink, optional ink each page (this will take sometime... my book was 650 pages and a lot of ink!) When all the pages have been inked, glue several pages together at the front and back of the book with Tacky Glue.…

PRIMA Tag Pads make creating a joy.

We adore the Jule Nutting Prima Tag Pad.

Here are some experiments using Prima products that made me happy.  
Using the PRIMA tag pad, Prima florals, some Splash Inks, alcohol inks, seam binding that I dyed, pen, gold ink and stamp pads.  
I will carry my Prima Tag Pad with me everywhere, so easy to create when traveling, or in a free moment.   

Since watercolor paper absorbs, I tried simply dropping ink onto the paper and watched it flow.  I think it was pretty OK.  The inks absorbed beautifully on the seam binding.  I also dropped some ink onto some of the flower stamens to make them pop.

I was 5 years old in this photo.   On this tag, I dropped ink and then used a stamp pad to color the white areas.   I used gold ink (on my finger to edge the paper).  I wrapped some gold thread from my stash too. Truth be told, I used my label maker to create the words.

For this tag, I used stamp pads and rubbed them onto the paper which gave me a nice texture effect.   It reminds me of Sunrise.  I add…

Week 3 with Prima!

The Altered Pages Design Team  is having a great time creating with all our Prima products.  Today we have a recap of the projects from our third week.   Click on the links below the images to see the full post for each project! Don't forget to leave a comment on the blog each day for a chance to win this months drawing! Trisha Neal - Prima Baby Headbands
Jen Rothstein - Secrets of the Sea Shadow Box Jean Moore - A little Shakespeare Stephanie Siatta - Too Much
Trisha Neal - Prima Flower ATC

Too Much...? Nope, never!

Welcome to the Altered Pages Blog and PRIMA 

We are in full swing of projects showcasing Prima Marketing products.  And, today I have for you a mixed media piece that will eventually be used as a card.  This started with actual product packaging that some of my Prima flowers came in.  This makes the perfect size for a large tag or card.  Plus, you know reuse, repurpose and recycle!  
I will try and keep it short and let the photos tell the story of the process.  I will provide a supply list at the end of the post.  IMPORTANT - make sure to comment on this post (and all posts this month) to be entered into a prize drawing for products from AlteredPages!!!!  
The process started with my product package as mentioned above, gesso and torn pieces of vintage text.  Next, a bit more gesso then a few stamped images. Make sure to let your gesso fully dry before adding any ink or paint to it.  I used my heat gun as I am impatient and don't want to wait for it to air dry.  A bit more stamping...a…