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Revisiting Gel Press pojects!

The Altered Pages Design Team had a great time sharing their Gel Press projects with you... here are links to a few of them from the month! Robin - Gel Press Spring ATCs Danie May - Rolling with Gel Press Lyneen - Stamping with Gel Press Stephanie - Gel Press on Denim! Trish - Gel Press Canvas June - Spring Hues
Trisha - Circles
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Mix and Match Pieces

For today's project I used my Gel Press plate to create multiple coordinating pieces.  My first thought when I chose to use a plastic gear to create texture on my plate was to create something industrial.  But I chose three different green paints and the end result looks almost like camouflage to me!  So I may use them to create a Memorial Day decoration instead.

I have added Gel Press plate backgrounds to a chipboard block, an ATC, an envelope and two sheets of card stock.  The patterns look very different depending on how much paint is on the plate.  

First, the pieces.  Cover the Gel Press plate liberally with paint.  I used a brayer, but you could use an old credit card, a palette knife or even your fingers...anything without sharp edges.

You will notice that most of the sides of the block have white space.  These cubes are hollow so it wasn't always possible to get enough pressure to completely cover the side.  Don't worry!  We can work with that.  The little plastic whe…

Filling the Void - Gel Press Play

I am often inspired by nature and my play this week turned to playing with punched out shapes, hearts, butterflies and flowers and using them for masks on my Gel Press Plate.    I am filling a void as we head towards winter here in Australia.   I miss seeing all the flowers in bloom and lots of butterflies fluttering in the garden.  So I thought I would bring these things to life with paint today with a little love thrown in too.

I usually begin with a base layer of paint for these kind of prints.  For my heart play it was pink.

From this initial layer I take a full print and ghost print adding any left over paint on the brayer to the plate for my ghost prints. 

My second layer is a complimentary or contrasting color applied to the plate and to which I then stick down my punched shapes to take a print.  The mask created by the punched shapes leaves a void and allows the earlier layers to show through.  My second layer choice for my heart play today was Orange.  You can see this print be…

Gel Press Coaster set

Hello from the UK!
This is my design team project for Altered Pages
Gel printing coasters was so much fun. I wanted a kind of animal/tribal type of look and this is how it went.

I took some card coasters that were old charity shop finds to alter, and used them as a base. Any thick card would also work.

I covered four of them in Gesso and left to dry and chose four paint color's , including black white, brown and metallic bronze. I covered the Gel Press with black and brown and brayered onto a piece of white cardstock. I drew swirls and patterns with the end of a paint brush and then printed onto the paper. I dried the layer and repeated the process adding more paint .

After the last layer dried, I added more black and white and bronze laying it down quite thick in places. I pressed it lightly with my hands instead of the brayer and because the paint was still thick it created a great textured look. I used the end of the paint brush again to add more dimension. Then added some black p…